Merchant Cash Advance Income

How the Programs Work

Merchant Cash Advance Program referral commissions are only the icing on the cake, and there is almost no paperwork required. Learn more about our Merchant Agent Program and see why New Merchant Reps choose our company to work with.

Merchant Agent Pay Plan is designed to maximize your earnings from the Merchant Services Industry. Not only do your Earn Top Merchant Agent Income from your referrals, you earn on every Agent you bring to the company. This is a tremendous opportunity for Recruiting Agents who want to earn a high income and be considered as a Merchant Professional.

Professionals with a good past sales record will find that the business is easily adapted to and you will be able to provide the same level of professionalism in this business as you would find in any bank or financial business. Our agents are among the finest in the Payment Processing Industry and you will be proud to be associated with our organization. We have a TEAM SPIRIT and are looking for a few more "Good" team players that are seeking an exceptional opportunity to join us.

1. Merchant Cash Advance Referral Commissions

A. 5-10% of the Advance Amount at Funding (Ex.. $40K Advance Funded Pays  Referral Agent an $2000-4000 Commission at 5-10%) Our normal Merchant Cash Advance amount is appx. 10K-100K.

B. 1% of the Advance Amount at End of Repayment (Ex.. $40K Advance Funded Pays Referral Agent a $400 Commission at the end of the Advance Repayment term).

In this example the total commission to the Agent is $2500-4500 PLUS the Merchant Processing Residual defined below!

C. 30% of the Merchant's Credit Card Processing Residual for the Life of the Account. (average income monthly for a merchant processing 20K is about $50 and up depending on Merchant's Rate Structure.) This compensation begins on the start of the second month after the merchant begins processing with our banks.

D. 20% of the profit from any Value Added Services Purchased by the Merchants (Ex.. Terminal, Marketing...)

E. Earn 1/2 % of the Advance Amount at Funding from any referrals made by Agents that you have recruited, and 5% Merchant Processing Residual for the life of the account. When you help develop a new agent, your income can really increase quickly.

Our Top Referral Agents Earn in Excess of $7000 per month working part time, less than 20 hours per week. Even agents that work 10 hours a week are earning over $3500 on average for their referrals, and WE DO ALL THE WORK!

The beauty of our Agent Referral Program is that our Agents earn Full Time Income Percentages for Part Time Work.

An hour a day working this business can make a positive impact on your life and your career.

Even better, you don't have to be a Rocket Scientist to effectively refer clients. There are many clients that need our services right in your home area, and even more that you can reach via the Web,

Best of all - We train you HOW to work effectively and handle the hard part (document collection, explaining the programs in depth, etc). All you do is make the referral and you will earn top commissions for your efforts.