Sell Your Merchant Residuals

Buyout Program for Residuals

We Offer Fair And Fast Compensation Payouts for your credit card processing residuals. Also available are buyouts for ACH portfolios, ATM residuals, Gift & Loyalty programs, and more. We will ensure a smooth and easy merchant portfolio transfer that also makes sure your merchants are taken care of. We have a dedicated team of service professionals that will interact and provide support to your merchants after your portfolio is sold.

  1. Short-term portfolio valuation/sale or long-term income development
  2. Sell a partial portfolio or entire portfolio for a gain
  3. Cash upfront payments you can use for whatever purpose.
  4. Large or small Portfolios welcome

If you need cash or income paid upfront for whatever reason, we can help. After a thorough analysis of your portfolio bankcard acquisition, we will make a fair and reasonable no obligation offer to you that you can evaluate. You can use the cash payout to invest in a new business, home, car, or for whatever purpose. We have a dedicated account management team to make sure your merchants are serviced and well taken care of after your portfolio is transfered over.

Our Expertise

Our team of professionals have years of experience working with iso's and agents to help them buyout their merchant processing residuals. We purchase sales agent assets each month and work with all the top Acquirers, ISOs and largest bankcard processors like First Data, Elavon, Paymenttech, Clearent, Transfirst, Global, Tsys, EMS and more. The entire asset valuation process only takes a few days and you will be paid based on a fair and upfront evaluation. We have a easy to follow process to maximize your lump sum payout. Our team of merchant processing service professionals who evaluate your portfolio acquisition is unrivaled in our industry. We have an experienced relationship management team that is involved in each stage of the process to make the sale smooth and easy for you. Contact Us To Get More Info